Provision of a supplier and purchasing relations officer

You wanted to maintain a good relationship with your suppliers and make good deals when you buy? MDG Services provides you with a supplier and purchasing relations officer adapted to your requirements.

A supplier and purchasing relationship manager


Mainly linked to the purchasing department, the supplier relations and purchasing department is required to maintain a better business relationship with suppliers for better value for money. Outsourcing these common tasks not directly or indirectly related to the main activity of your company will not only save you time but also a resource gain to contribute to the development of your company.

Our working method consists of :

1- Identify your needs

To meet all your purchasing requirements, we take care of the very selective sorting of suppliers that we will judge to be up to your agreements. Your choice will depend on several criteria, such as value for money, reliability and service.

2- Validation of the list of suppliers

Once the identification step is completed, we analyze the strategic approach adapted to your choice, which will be evaluated according to your customers’ purchasing decision, in the case of a purchase for resale.

After these analyzes, we present you with a list of potential suppliers and we leave you the choice to choose what you find able to meet your requirements.

3- Validation of procurement processes

In order to ensure synchronization of tasks and respect of different deadlines, we can put in place different tools and procedures. A good tool will allow you to have a general overview of the different tasks of the purchasing manager (in-process purchases, delivery time, supplier profile...). This will give you real-time monitoring of the purchasing process.


The Supplier and Purchasing Relations Officer is responsible for sourcing suppliers, setting up procurement procedures, monitoring and meeting deadlines.What are the duties of a Supplier and Purchasing Relations Officer?

1- Search for suppliers:

The Supplier and Purchasing Relations Officer has a wide range of suppliers to meet both accounting and tax obligations and your requirements.

2- Establishment of procedures:

The process and tools put in place will allow you to validate the financial and technical resources allocated to the purchases. The Purchasing Manager will therefore take care of all the tasks related to your needs in supplies and materials

3- Correspondence, monitoring and compliance with deadlines:

The Customer Relations and Purchasing Officer is also responsible for monitoring each step of the purchase from the request of the pro forma invoices to the receipt of the goods. It is also required to follow and respect delivery deadlines.

Contract terms

  • Flexible working hours
  • Without notice commitment
  • Monthly Billing


Proving experience in the field

With many years of experience, MDG Services has a good relationship not only with its customers but also with various suppliers, both local and foreign.

A strong and versatile partner

MDG Services is characterized by the diversity of skills and the dynamism of its team. The firm offers you a variety of services in an outsourced mode so that you can focus on your core business.