Madagascar is a country that offers a lot of opportunities; many services are still to be developed. MDG Services wishes to develop entrepreneurship and offers administrative assistance services to those who have chosen expatriation in Madagascar.

Our services

Convertible Visa

For expatriation in Madagascar, a convertible visa is necessary. This is a one-month visa which will allow the person to apply for a long-stay visa.

This convertible visa, generally obtained from the Embassies of Madagascar, is issued in support of a reasoned request relating to the project (investment, family reunification, work, retirement mission ...)

MDG Services supports you in the constitution, the deposit and the follow-up from the progress of your files until obtaining the desired visa.

Long Stay Visa and Resident Card

Once you arrive in Madagascar, you have 30 days to apply for a long-stay visa from your convertible visa.

Procedures have been simplified for investors and workers with the EDBM institution representing all administrations. For other visa categories, we must approach other administrative offices for the long-stay visa application.

As a facilitator, MDG Services supports you in the constitution, submission and monitoring of the progress of files until obtaining the long stay visa.

Administrative assistance

By entrusting your projects to MDG Services, you benefit from administrative assistance relating to various procedures in Madagascar (registration with Social Funds, search for mutual funds, search for schools, search for premises or offices...)

Why choose MDG Services?

A solid partner

Since 2013, MDG Services has been handling several applications for long stay visas and resident cards. Mastering the various settlement issues in Madagascar, our team provides you with long-term support in all your administrative procedures.

Complete offers

In addition to the expatriation assistance service, MDG Services offers many forms of administrative assistance from the creation of your company to the management of its taxation, including human resources. So, you can focus on the development of your professional activity if you are an investor.