Creation and modification of companies

Do you want to create a company in Madagascar? Call in the professionals! With the MDG Services team, which has supported several companies since 2010 (IT outsourcing, education, crafts, etc.) from their creation to day-to-day management, your company will be created in full transparency and you will benefit from the skills of an experienced team.


Creation and registration of companies

MDG Services supports you in the drafting of the documents necessary for the constitution of your company (drafting and / or validation of the articles of association, lease contracts, etc.) and ensures the necessary follow-up of the submission of your file to the l’EDBM until its statistical registration, tax and legal registration. It takes a week, after the submission of complete files, for your company to be created (except for specific authorization linked to regulatory activities such as tourism, education, etc.)

Bank account opening

Opening a bank account is part of a company's tax obligations from its first financial year. The length of our group's relationship with the main local banks allows us to open your bank account as quickly as possible. Negotiations for the granting of preferential conditions can be carried out by MDG Services depending on the financial projections presented.


If you do not yet have a registered office and you nevertheless wish to start the process of setting up a business, MDG Services offers optional registered office services allowing the registration of your company. The domiciliation also includes the reception and the sorting and the provision of your mail

Company modification

A change of registered office, a change in your shareholding structure or your corporate purpose are all events that involve the modification of information relating to your company to the administration. MDG Services supports you in these legal, fiscal and administrative obligations.

Affiliation with social organizations

Once the bank account is opened, your company and your first employees are affiliated with social organizations in order to ensure your social obligations. We are looking after your affiliation to the social security (CNAPS or Caisse Nationale de Prévoyance Sociale) and the health organization of your choice based on comparative state. You will have your CNaPS registration number within 7 days, then your registration number with the healthcare organization of your choice.

Discover the stages of setting up a business in Madagascar.

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